Thursday, July 16, 2009

D&D Sketches

Here's some sketches I've done within the last two weeks or so. Both sets were done during gaming sessions of Dungeons and Dragons whilst playing, waiting for dinner, and in the van in mid-transit. Sketching random stuff when around other people seems to be a bit easier for me to do than when alone. It's a lot more fun, at any rate, especially when the guy next to you keeps shouting, "BACON OF HOPE!"

It may be a bit hard to see at this size, but the eyepatch-wearing tree is saying, "Yarr!"


  1. I like the dinosaur. Are you using illustrator for some of your drawings? (previous posts)

  2. Hooray, human contact! To answer your question: most of the earlier digital work I've posted here was done with either Photoshop or Painter, with one instance of Scribbler. I haven't touched Illustrator in ages, sadly.