Monday, June 29, 2009

ArtOrder Challenge: Vampires

I was so downhearted yesterday when I tried to submit my entry to ArtOrder's B&W Vampire challenge, only to find that my e-mails were being bumped. Thankfully, the fellow that sponsored the challenge was cool enough to extend the deadline by asking for resubmissions! True, I did resubmit pretty late today - around close to 6 p.m. or so - but if he checked his mail at 7 yesterday, I should be fine, right? ...Right?

Anyway, here's my stab at Gwenth and Garreth, the two necuratul described in the challenge brief. 3"x6.75", India ink and white gouache on bristol.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Character Challenge of the Week: Envoy of the Khemethar

I entered's Character of the Week (CHOW) challenge for the first time, and have learned a good deal about my process and tastes as a result. Poor pyramids, though. I'm still covered in shame from butchering them. Anyway, the brief this time around had us illustrating an envoy of the Khemethar, a spacefaring race that inspired the Egyptian pantheon. I chose to depict Osiris, green skin and all.

CHOW regulations also require the posting of work in progress images. Here are mine:

In other news, I'm going to be entering ArtOrder's black and white challenge. I gets ta' use ink fer this one, and art directors from three different companies will be jurying it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I graduated! ...Yay?

With all my course work and units taken care of, I walked the Walk at yesterday's graduation/commencement ceremony at CSU East Bay. The Traditional Arts B.F.A., eet eez mine! Of course, this is no time to rest on my laurels. Gotta get my webcomic restarted, gotta send off a storyboard portfolio to much stuff that must be done!

Perhaps they'd get done sooner if I actually sat down to work on them? Hrmm...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Last Batch of Independent Study Images

The academic quarter is over, and I've submitted the last of my I.S. works, including a 5-page comic as my final series. First, the weeklies:

The comic that follows was done entirely in Photoshop. The last few pages were really rushed, and I think it shows, sadly. Still, as with the weekly pieces, the process of making each page was good practice. Note to self: stop abusing the multiply mode!

Fonts from and, by the way.