Monday, September 20, 2010

Sketches and Stuff!

I'm still alive, and here's some photo-referenced sketches to prove it! The source for each was from the September 2009 issue of National Geographic, though most are from advertisements therein.

Regarding future work, I've got an extra large sword-and-sorcery piece in the works, as well as a series of digital paintings. I'm a bit nervous about the latter, both because I haven't done any serious digipaints in a while and because I've learned that my monitor has crumby color accuracy, but, if successful, they'll be a great asset to the old 'folio.

In other news, I've found a fantastic Photoshop plugin combo for flatting comic pages! Developed by Boudewijn Pelt, they're simply named Flatten and MultiFill, and they reduce the amount of time spent slapping down base colors by a ridiculous amount. They aren't quite magic easy-mode buttons - the presence of grays, including those from resizing the image, will create some ugly artifacting, and the colors applied are a bit random - but they do free up more time for rendering and other adjustments. Very useful, and highly recommended!