Saturday, May 26, 2012

3D Animation Class Final Project

Final animations for Diablo Valley College's 3D Animation and Modeling course were due this week.  Here's mine!

If the video doesn't load, then try the following link:

The texture maps were somewhat basic, but they worked.  Folks were particularly interested in the sky texture, which was made quickly in Photoshop with a high-scatter custom brush.
Storyboards were equally basic, but appropriate since we weren't expected to animate anything too complex.  As the beginning-level course, most projects were around ten seconds or so in length.

 On a tangential note, the below screenshots were taken before tweaks were made to the butterfly thwacking segment.  They weren't the result of any problems; this was just how Maya interpreted the change between two keyframes spaced 4 frames apart, and I thought they were funny.