Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gasp! It LIVES!

A number of artists I respect mention the importance of having a sketch blog and whatnot, so I figured it was high time I jumped on the rickety old bandwagon and got me one of my own. So! Here it is. Let's see if'n I can keep this thing regularly updated...

Anyhoo, I may as well start things off with a few digital paintings I've done this week.

This one was made in Photoshop on Monday using a spiffy scumbly brush available on Katie De Sousa's DeviantArt page. With this, I've been able to scumble like I do with traditional oils, which has been quite a kick in the pants. Fun times.

This...monstrosity...was made today in Painter using its so-called "oil" brushes. I guess I just need more time with the program, but as it stands, this is just...poopy.

I will say this for Painter, though: it's a heckuva lotta fun to just draw in it.

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